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Request for Proposal

India Taipei Association



Request for Proposal


        India Taipei Association intends to conduct a Cultural Programme followed by Yoga Demonstration on 24th June 2017.  It is estimated that about 900 people will attend the event.


        The following is the requirement:


  1. Booths (3m x 3m) – 15 nos.
  2. Booth Banner   - 15 nos.
  3. Stage – one
  4. Stage Banner –One
  5. Power
  6. Sound
  7. Emcee-One
  8. Signage
  9. Audio Video coverage
  10. Labour & Insurance


Reputed Service Providers are requested to email their quotes (in English language), to ad@india.org.tw by 1000hrs on 12th June 2017.  The quote should include (i) previous experience of similar events (with photographs); and (ii) references.


India Taipei Association reserves the right to cancel this tender inquiry at any stage without assigning any reason whatsoever.